What is the criteria?

Wellbeing Lincs aims to provide services at an early stage to make a difference to long-term health and wellbeing.

The service aims to bring different preventative care and support services together so that all agencies work together effectively to provide integrated support.

The service offers an average of six weeks (but up to 12 weeks) of support to people who qualify for the service.

To be eligible you have to meet at least four of the criteria below. This will be assessed when you call, to ensure we are giving everyone the support they need.


The criteria are:

  • Aged over 65 years old
  • Unable to manage long term health / medical conditions
  • Regularly visit the GP for the same medical condition or for non-medical reasons
  • Unplanned hospitalisation or A&E attendance in the last 90 days
  • Accessed social care services in the last 12 months including: assessment, day care, home care, re-ablement or residential care services
  • Bereavement (spouse / partner) or divorce in the past 12 months
  • Had a fall in the past three months, either at home or away from the home
  • Unable to manoeuvre around the home safely
  • Lacks social support and/or interaction with family, friends or carers, or feels  isolated
  • Feel stressed, depressed or anxious
  • Unable to sustain work, education, training or volunteering
  • Unable to manage money or in considerable debt
  • Poor lifestyle management and behaviours which impact on overall health and wellbeing.


Do you meet the criteria?

If you meet at least four of these criteria, you will be referred to Wellbeing Lincs for an assessment so we can provide the best support for your situation.