Wellbeing in

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People sometimes need support to stay well and independent, with help through life’s changes.


Wellbeing Lincs is a countywide service, funded by Lincolnshire County Council supporting adults across Lincolnshire to achieve confident, fulfilled and independent living.

It offers a helping hand through life’s changes, which might include:

  • Ill health
  • Disability
  • Changes to financial circumstances
  • Changing medical need
  • Bereavement
  • Lack of family support
  • Loneliness and social isolation
  • Change in general situation circumstance.

A countywide service, Wellbeing Lincs delivers an equitable service for eligible individuals, across Lincolnshire. 


Wellbeing Lincs responds promptly and professionally, providing support and guidance tailored to your specific needs wherever you live in Lincolnshire. Access to the service is subject to basic eligibility criteria.

Where telecare response, aids, adaptations and additional response are required, charges may apply.

Funded by Lincolnshire County Council and run by a partnership of district councils, Wellbeing Lincs may make the world of difference to you, your loved ones and those you care about.

To make a referral to the Wellbeing Service, call 01522 782140.

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As a preventative service, Wellbeing Lincs seeks to:

Enhance wellbeing

Improve people’s access to support services

Reduce and delay escalation to statutory services

Provide direct support and signpost access to community resources.



Key information will be gathered through a short phone call within 24 hours of referral.



A Trusted Advisor will visit within seven days, developing a support plan together to help the customer meet their needs.



From ten days of referral, lasting up 12 weeks, direct support and signposting to achieve customers’ specific outcomes.


"Wellbeing Lincs will support people in their homes and communities and the service covers a really broad range of situations for adults in Lincolnshire. It is especially useful to people who don't have close family or friends who can help them if they're having a difficult time."

Cllr Patricia Bradwell,
executive councillor for adult care and health
at Lincolnshire County Council



Our Programs

Wellbeing Lincs supports adults across Lincolnshire to live fulfilled, confident, independent lives.

It does this through a range of component services, chief amongst them a period of support which last for up to 12 weeks, assisting those who are eligible through a bespoke support plan which is developed by the customer and a Trusted Assessor in partnership, to meet their specific needs.

Further to this, elements of the service include:

  • Response
  • Resettlement
  • Small aids and minor adaptations
  • Hospital and in-reach care


Anyone living in Lincolnshire who uses telecare equipment can chose to have Wellbeing Lincs provide the response service. If the customer raises an alarm, a Wellbeing Responder can be with them within 45 minutes in cases where there are no family member or other trusted support able to help. This service runs 24/7, 365 days a year, at a cost of £2.50 per week.


The resettlement service operates from 10am to 10pm daily in order to ease the transition from hospital to home. Triggered by hospital discharge teams, a responder meets the patient at their home, settles them in and makes an onward referral to Wellbeing Lincs if appropriate. From here, they may be eligible for the 12 weeks of bespoke support to help get them back on their feet.

Small aids and minor adaptations

On occasions small adjustments to the home or the way we do things is all that’s needed to support prolonged independent living, for example grab rails in the bathroom, a ramp at the door or gadgets to help in the kitchen. For a small fee Wellbeing Lincs provides such small aids and can make adaptations, with dedicated staff to deliver and install any equipment and links to other agencies.

Hospital and in-reach care

Working in hospitals in and around Lincolnshire, two dedicated officers help staff to identify and refer those who are receiving in-patient care for Wellbeing Lincs’ services. Subject to eligibility, support can start while they are still in hospital to help when they go home, and again ease the transition between hospital and home to support independence at home.