Wellbeing Response Service


In addition to its other provision, Wellbeing Lincs operates its own response service to provide a reliable response in situations where there is no-one else conveniently located or able to help in a hurry.

Regardless of which telecare provider a customer uses, they can choose the Wellbeing Lincs’ Response Service to be called up, to respond to non-medical emergencies at their home and provide reassurance – any time of day or night.

The Wellbeing Response Service is available for just £2.50 a week, and available to any user of any telecare provision, regardless of whether they have accessed the broader Wellbeing Lincs service or not.

Wellbeing Lincs’ Responders are trained to respond to non-medical emergencies, such as:

  • A fall which doesn’t require immediate medical attention
  • Situations when a responder is needed, but no immediate family or friends are available
  • Minor flooding or the trigger of a fire or smoke alarm which do not require fire and rescue services to attend (eg burnt food)
  • Bogus callers and antisocial behaviour, to give reassurance and support while you wait for the police to respond

This service does not replace emergency services which, in an emergency, would be called directly by the telecare monitoring service.

To learn more about the Wellbeing Lincs Response Service and how it might support you, call 01522 782140

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Telecare Services

Telecare, or lifeline services as they are sometimes known, are available from several providers, including both local and national organisations.

Wellbeing Lincs’ support advisors are able to give details of these.

Telecare is a personal alarm and monitoring service, comprising assistive technology designed to help you live safely at home. As and when necessary, the monitoring centre is able to call up a nominated individual or a response service – such as the Wellbeing Response Service – which can be commissioned to provide that response and act on your behalf.

The most common type of telecare package includes a base unit and pendant. If, for any reason, you feel in need of help you can push your pendant button to contact the centre, which will talk to you, offering reassurance and guidance, and initiate any other necessary response, which may be:

notifying your named responder, who may be a family member, friend or neighbour – or the Wellbeing Response Service, contacting the emergency services where appropriate.