Aids and Adaptations


Aids and adaptations can help you to live safely and independently, by making everyday tasks in your home simpler.

A wide range of equipment and bespoke adaptations can help make life easier and safer.


Access to simple aids for daily living

Wellbeing Lincs makes it easy to access simple equipment that can make the world of difference to your home life.

A wide range of equipment is available. This may be a kettle tipper to make it easier for you to pour hot water, or a chair raiser so you are more comfortable when relaxing at home.

We will help you to choose the most suitable equipment, and will set it up for you free of charge.

You can purchase your equipment through Wellbeing Lincs, or we can support you to source equipment from other suppliers.


Adaptations to your home

Wellbeing Lincs can provide minor adaptations to your home or help you arrange major adaptations.

Adaptations can help you to stay safe by reducing the likelihood of falls and accidents around the home. During your assessment, we can look at how you move around your home and help you to identify adaptations and equipment that could improve access to and within your home.


Minor adaptations

Minor adaptations are small changes to your home to make it easier for you to live safely and independently. Minor adaptations include:

  • grab and hand rails - so you can use your arms to help you move around your home
  • second banister rail - to make it easier to go up and down stairs
  • simple alterations to enable easier access to and from your home.